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He aspires to consistently develop Fitness Bell India, expand and grow loyalty among his clients.


We at Fitness Bell India believe that we all should live a healthy life. Within the hectic schedules of our lives, we often neglect our body and lean towards an unhealthy diet. Often leading to complicated health issues further in our lives. We understand that time is a luxury in such busy lives and so we strive to serve you in a way which compliments you and your ways of living.


Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

He faced a problem in the process of getting fit as every individuals had a different body type but nutritionist available in the gym gave a set of pre-made workout and diet plans. It didn’t use to suite his body type and as he switched gyms the change in the schedule was a hindrance in the proper growth of a healthy body. So he thought of organizing it all at one end and providing a total fitness solution, which will be personalized according to every individual and did his desired certifications in fitness training and diet consultations. He started this lifestyle business with a firm intention to inculcate fitness into the daily lives of empowered individuals. He believes that our lives should be a journey into keeping ourselves healthy and fit-bodied thought our progressive years. He aspire to grow Fitness Bell India organically and have continuous loyalty to his clients.