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Why is fitness always considered as a tough journey? Fitness bell India is here to give people a push and make this journey more easier and joyful for everyone. We aim to spread our knowledge and motivation to the majority and make them stronger for the long run.

Focusing on your health and wellness is our first priority. We connect with every client personally and work together to improve your health and physic with planned diet schedule with constant follow ups . The team consists of top professionals that guide you through your journey and give personal attention to you and your preferences. Making you healthier in a way you like is the final goal of our family.

Our team provides 2 coaches. A CRM who gives consistent follow up services, checking up on your schedules and improvements made by you. A personal nutritionist is appointed to every individual that will develop a plan revolving around that clients physical and mental capabilities and preferences to make the most out of this journey.


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This is a Diet Plan & Consultation service designed according to the goal of a person. In this, you get two coaches - An Assistant manager and A Personal Certified Nutritionist. In this, you will get Weekly Diet Pans and Regular consultations for the time period of your subscription.


Fitness Bell India was founded by our founder, Mr. Himanshu Kumar. Always drawn to fitness, he ventured out to create Fitness Bell India, an easier way to help people in including fitness in their everyday lives. Driven by his keenness towards the subject, he aspires to reach out and guide those who wish to inculcate a fitness regime in their lives. He believes in fitness being a very important part of our lives which is unfortunately, often ignored. Through his venture, our founder hopes to mentor and take more and more people on this beautiful journey of a healthy living.

  • + Will food in the meal plan be easily available at home?
    Yes it will be easily available at home. Our plans are personalized diet plans which are prepared according to the lifestyle of an individual.
  • + How much weight can I reduce weight in a week?
    Weight loss depends the metabolic rate and medical history of an individual. On an average a person can reduce around 1 kgs in 1 week.
  • + How much weight can I gain in 1 week?
    Weight gain is actually quite difficult as compared with weight loss. It depends on the digestive system of an individual but still we can estimate that you can gain 0.5 kg to 1 kg.
  • + What is a 100% Money Back policy?
    In this policy you can ask for 100% money back even on the 7th day of your trial without any question asked.
  • + Do you provide supplements along with diet?
    No we do not recommend supplement if an individual who is a beginner but an intermittent or at advance level you can add supplements.
  • + What are the benefits that I will get with your diet plan & Consultation services?
    We commit two things in our services Consistent motivation/follow-ups & Right guidance. Our coaches are well trained with 3+ years of experience.
  • + Are your coaches Certified coaches?
    Yes, Our all the coaches are Certified Dietician/Nutritionist.





With advance knowledge in health and nutrition our nutritionist has been successful in helping a huge number of people in maintaining their body and gaining that perfect shape. The family built by Fitness Bell India has seen nothing but exceptional changes in their bodies as well as their health. The nutritionist provides the best diet plans that suit individuals body type while keeping them contended by their daily routine. The nutritionist of Fitness Bell India is actually known for the personalized attention they provide to their clients. He not only takes care of the clients eating habits and nutrients added to their food, but also motivates them to maintain an overall healthyapproach towards their life. The nutritionist of Fitness Bell India never gives up on their client and neither allows them to lose hope.


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In order to bring out the best in you, we provide you with our best nutritionist. The only motive is to transform you into to your best image that even you might not have imagined. Working on your negatives and improving your positives, our nutritionist will offer you the entire package that will change your life. While working for your health, you would understand more about your body and how to care of it. No matter how many questions and doubts you have, they would all be resolved by the nutritionist in no time. Making the best version of you along with keeping your body and mind healthy might sound like a tough job, but our nutritionist has been trained for years to make this task successful for you like he did for all the others. Take a step forward towards keeping your body healthy and receive professional assistance by Fitness Bell India.


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While living a hectic schedule, many people tend to ignore their body and end up with serious health issues. Fitness Bell India won’t let that happen. With simple interactions with our professional and highly experienced nutritionists the clients can take care of their body without compromising theirschedules. The nutritionist will assist you in the entire process, to make your body more energetic and boost your stamina that is needed to perform your daily chores. When it comes to keepingpeople happy with what they eat, the nutritionist of Fitness Bell India knows how to do this job with excellency. The nutritionist will share with you the perfect diet plan that fits into your schedule and that makes your body stronger and prettier. No matter if you are a student, an employee or an athlete, join the family and get guaranteed results for your physique.



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The content creator researches about the new and latest topics and concerns regarding the health and fitness of people and provide the solutions through Fitness Bell India. The social media sites of Fitness Bell India display various kinds of information regarding health, fitness and overall grooming by the content creator. Giving people adequate and verified information regarding their body and diet through different platform is the main task of the content creator. The content creator makes relatable and easily understanding content for its audience. The content creators of Fitness Bell India research and provide the audience with diverse topics related to the overall health of people and convey nutrition and health facts from the professionals of Fitness Bell India to the public through their social media sites. Clients can view this type of content to get additional information about different types of food and issues related to their body.

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