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About Us

‘Fitness Bell India’ was established in the year 2019 by Mr. Himanshu Kumar. The organisation provides health advice, diet plans and workout routines with the joint efforts of its team of professionals including dieticians, trainers and health care professionals. It walks you through a beautiful process of developing and enhancing your health and physique. What makes Fitness Bell India different from everyone else is the personalised assistance provided by their professionals while giving diet plans, exercises as well as solving queries. Fitness Bell India understands your physique and provides guidance to develop a bulky or lean body in a natural, healthier way. It provides no equipment workout routines to the clients to give them the best version of themselves. The goal of Fitness Bell India is to motivate people to live a healthier life during their busy and stressful schedules.

Our Success Stories

Our Services

Our Plans

Fitness Bell India is one of it’s kind which isn’t a simple diet providing app but much more than that. Fitness Bell India has guaranteed results and numerous satisfied clients that have complete trust on ud. We provide personalized help from the team which emotionally connects to our clients and supports their transition physically as well as mentally. Our plans are designed in a way that is easy and effective for all types of people. Clients are given the needed workout routines and regular consultation during the entire process.

Fitness Class

3 in 1 Consultation

Nutrition Plans

This plan is best for people who are new to the world of selective eating and dieting.


Keto Kick

Nutrition Plans

This is one of the most popular diet plan that provides 3 times faster weight reduction. Keto diet is a low carbohydrate, and high fats diet.



Nutrition Plans

This plan involves a complete plant based diet. Vegan diet provides easy weight loss with reduced risk of various diseases.

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Fitness Bell Pro

Nutrition Plans

This is a premium service of Fitness Bell India. In this plan your habits and lifestyle are analyzed and based on that your diet is planned.


Lean physique

Workout Plans

This diet plan is specially designed to transform a muscular or overweight physique into a lean body.


No equipment workout


Fitness Bell India provides a proper workout routine that compliments your diet plan and gives a healthy toned physique.


Bulk up

Workout Plan

This plan is entirely made for people who struggle to change their skinny physique into a muscular healthy body.

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Balanced diet plan

Nutrition Plans

This diet plan contains all kinds of foods in certain quantities and proportions that help maintaining a healthy disease free body.

Our Clients

Our greatest asset is our client. Treating various types of people helped us learn and encouraged us to continue contributing to the society. We helped working professionals with busy schedules and overwhelming stress to spare some time for their health and managed to provide appropriate plans that suit their lifestyle. Clients with extreme obesity that found it difficult to move freely were given confidence and right guidance which changed their lives forever. Many of our clients suffering from chronic diseases were helped to live healthier by changing their diet plans. From clients with extreme cases to people who just wanted to inculcate health habits were helped by Fitness Bell India and became an inseparable part of our family.